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Imagine fantastical worlds colliding with reality

By investigating the concept of nature in a nostalgic way, I explore the dynamics of life in the natural world.

Repetitive pattern and shape, particularly multiple dots or droplets of paint dominate my work. The art style of pointillism is incorporated throughout all my work, along with the extravagant use of colour. A dot or a speck within a solid form is an opening to a new beginning. Intricate and delicate forms intertwine in my work. Just as my reality and my imagination blend onto the canvas or paper a part of me is embedded into each work.

My work incorporates time, space and colour in a fictional and experiential universe that merges bit by bit. Imagined recreation of memories and experiences, particularly the experiences I had as a curious daydreaming free-range child, gifted to growing up immersed in the Australian bush. By emphasising aesthetics, I lead the viewer into a world of ongoing equilibrium.

Above all, I want to express a feeling of joy and happiness in the things we don’t always take the time to see.

Artwork held by the Dean Collection USA and by private collectors throughout Australia and the World.

A word from the Gallery Directors.

Fellia Melas - Gallery Director @ Fellia Melas Gallery, 2 Moncur Street Woollahra NSW

 We have represented Sally Paxton in Sydney NSW since 2016.

Sally Paxton is an Australian artist that grew up amongst nature where she roamed freely. These early experiences continue to fuel and encourage her to explore and reflect on a world, partly imagined and partly remembered. Having embraced these rich experiences Paxton has assimilated them within her identity, which she represents using a personalised, highly-stylised visual language. Paxton’s works depict her engagement between her imagined and remembered worlds that are inhabited by various creatures amongst a fertile flora and fauna.

Sally Paxton’s highly- decorative works are full of hope and a joy for life and nature. Her palette, subjects and compositions are evenly balanced, made for a world in harmony.

 Claire Torrance, Gallery Director - Gallery Beneath, Sunshine Coast QLD

Sally Paxton’s decorative, highly detailed paintings are known for their vibrant, figurative imagery. One could liken her skill set to that of a composer creating a symphony. The countless confetti-like spots and dotting resulting in densely populated compositions. Her artistic strength derives from her drawing talents. Each mark is intentional, leaving no room for error or hesitation. Her paintings are beautifully adorned as she enriches them with a sense of colour and scale.

Terri Lew, Gallery Director -19 Karen Contemporary Artspace. Gold Coast QLD

The number 19 is my lucky number. It turned out to be a lucky number for Sally too!  19 Karen was the first gallery to accept her submission for representation on the 19/8/2015.

Sally’s work literally took my breath away! It is exquisite! The more I looked at it, the more I saw! Her love for the Australian bush is so obvious that when you buy her art, you also buy a piece of Australia!

What drew me to Sally’s work was the amount of detail she put into each of her paintings and with such precision that only a person with so much patience and love for their craft, would be able to sit hunched over for hours on end to create such beautiful masterpieces.

Her dot work, classified as pointillism built around Australian Flora and Fauna, sometimes adding a portrait or a figure, gives the final piece the term Pop Surrealism.

For me, the visual aspect of any artwork is the strongest emotion I experience when I see it for the first time. If that emotion is not there, I am not interested!

At first, Sally’s work was compared to another Australian artist - Del Kathryn Barton, which in my opinion was a huge compliment but most artists don’t like to be considered as ‘copying’ other artists and neither does Sally. When you are a self-taught artist, your influences and inspirations come from other artists. It’s as simple as that! However, as time goes by and with many hours of practice, an artist can successfully develop their own signature style, and this is what Sally did!

When you look at her work now, you are not mistaken for seeing Sally’s work. That’s what makes a strong individual artist!

Sally’s work was drawn to the attention of avid art collectors from New York, Mr & Mrs Dean (Alicia Keys and Kasseem Dean) who became one of our overseas clients 6 years ago. Now Sally’s work is in their private collection.

Sally’s work was also brought to the attention of other galleries and she is now represented by 3 galleries in Australia. Sally’s future looks brighter than ever!